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The geneXplain platform is an online toolbox and workflow management system for a broad range of bioinformatics and systems biology applications. It is developed by geneXplain GmbH. The technology behind the geneXplain platform is BioUML, which has been built, improved and supported for many years at the BIOSOFT.RU in Novosibirsk.

Individual modules, or bricks, of the platform are unified under a standardized interface, with a consistent look-and-feel and can flexibly be put together to comprehensive workflows. The workflow management is intuitively handled through a simple drag-and-drop system. With this system, you can edit the predefined workflows or compose your own workflows from scratch. Your own Bricks can easily be added as scripts or plug-ins and incorporated into workflows as well.

The geneXplain platform provides a number of state-of-the-art bricks; some of them can be obtained free of charge, while others require licensing for a small fee in order to guarantee active maintenance and dynamic adaptation to the rapidly developing know-how in this field.

The first release of the geneXplain platform was specifically designed to support all kinds of gene expression analyses by a number of bricks that facilitate:

  • Normalization of raw data,
  • Statistical analyses,
  • Functional analyses,
  • Pathway analysis,
  • Keynode identification.

Besides providing a wide range of sophisticated bricks (more than 60), the geneXplain platform also facilitates standard analyses through a number (91) of pre-composed workflows concatenating some of the most important Bricks.


The geneXplain platform is available here:

The current version is 2.4. A free trial is available.

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