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There are a number of ongoing large international projects that we can attribute to virtual biology.

Some of them explicitly include word 'virtual' in their title, for example:

The table below contains brief description of these projects. Thus we can see that existing projects provide a strong basis to group them together in the frame of virtual biology.

Project, URL, references Brief description
Virtual physiological rat
[1, 2, 3]

The Virtual Physiological Rat Project aims to simulate the integrated cardiovascular function of the rat, and to build validated computer models that account for genetic variation across rat strains and physiological response to environment (i.e., diet). In addition, new strains of genetically engineered rat will be developed with the ultimate goal of using computer models to predict the physiological characteristics of not yet realized genetic combinations, derive those combinations in the lab, and then test the predictions.
virtual physiological human

The Virtual Physiological Human (VPH) aims to create virtual humans based on data (biological, imaging, clinical, genomic) from actual patients to improve the understanding of human physiology and pathology and, thereby, to develop and test new therapies.

BioGears is an open source human physiology engine that is under construction for medical education, research, and training technologies.

The engine can be used as a standalone application or integrated with simulators, sensor interfaces, and models of all fidelities.


HumanSim is physiology engine that enables realistic, real-time medical training.

The engine outputs real-time clinically relevant data, such as heart rate, blood pressure waveforms and a capnogram. It enables dynamic medical scenarios and provides an environment for on-the-spot medical decision making.


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