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The Ensembl database provides annotation of genes from the Ensembl genome databases. The Ensembl database is available for different species. Usually the BioUML installation contains Ensembl data for human, mouse and rat, though it's possible to install other species as well. The installed Ensembl databases appear under the Databases tab.

The following collections are available in a BioUML Ensembl database:

  • Data: informational data elements. Information about them is available in information box. These collections can be searched using Lucene search.
    • gene: list of all genes with annotation;
    • variation: list of all variations with annotation (available if variation database is installed)
  • Sequences: list of chromosomes represented as Type-sequence-icon.png sequence elements. They can be opened in genome browser.
  • Tracks: list of Type-track-icon.png tracks, which can be added to genome browser:
    • Karyotype: karyotype (chromosome bands) display;
    • GC content: graph displaying the local density of GC nucleotides;
    • Genes: genes with exon-intron structure (including non-coding, pseudogenes, etc.);
    • ExtendedGeneTrack: an alternative gene track where all genes are displayed in single line;
    • Repeats: repeats regions (like Alu);
    • Variations: SNPs and other known genomic variations (available if variation database is installed).

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