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Reference type is a sort of accession numbers of any biological objects which may be handled by BioUML. An example of reference type is Ensembl gene ID (like ENSG00000000003). The following features are available when you define the reference type:

  • Type can be assigned to user-imported Type-table-icon.png tables;
  • Type can be autodetected based on table IDs pattern;
  • IDs in the table may be displayed as links to an external database (e.g. Ensembl);
  • You can create an analysis method which will restrict input tables to given type;
  • You can create matching BioHub to convert identifiers from your type to other types and vice versa via Convert table analysis;
  • You can assign this type to your database collections and use this for Annotate table analysis.

Every reference type has its display name. Usually it consists of two parts like "Genes: Ensembl" where first part ("Genes") is an object type and the second part ("Ensembl") is the reference source (database name).

To create your own reference type use the corresponding extension point.

Reference types hierarchy

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