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Analysis title
Table-manipulation-Annotate-table-icon.png Annotate table
Institute of Systems Biology
ru.biosoft.analysis (Common methods of data analysis plug-in)

Annotate analysis

Annotates table data collection with additional fields from annotation source which can be database or another table data collection (in that case table data collections will be inner joined). Result table data collection contains columns specified in Columns parameter and fields from Annotations source specified in Annotation fields

Note: Input table data collection will not be changed instead new table with annotations will be created.


  • Experiment - data table you want to add annotation to. In order for this analysis to work properly this table ID column should contain recognizable biological identifiers which can be mapped to the annotation source identifiers.
  • Species - species to be used during matching if necessary.
  • Annotations source - data collection with fields which should be added to the Table. It's reasonable to use Ensembl database corresponding to the species you are working with, but some other collections and even user uploaded tables might be suitable for the annotation.
  • Annotation fields - annotation fields.
  • Remove duplicate annotations - if input table was already annotated by this source, old annotation columns will be removed from the result. When it's checked (by default), it behaves in the way the user generally expect. Uncheck this only if you want to keep both old and new annotation.
  • Output table - the path in the repository where the result table will be stored. If a table with the specified path already exists it will be replaced.
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