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BioUML web edition interface. Repository pane toolbar is marked as (F).
BioUML workbench interface. Repository pane toolbar is marked as (F).
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Repository pane toolbar is the toolbar located above the repository pane in BioUML web edition or below the repository pane in BioUML workbench. This toolbar contains the icons for context actions associated with the currently selected element. The same actions are available upon a right mouse click.

Repository pane toolbar actions

The following actions can appear on the repository pane toolbar in BioUML web edition depending on the context:

  • WebAction-tree-run workflow-icon.png Run workflow
  • WebAction-tree-open external url-icon.png Open external link
  • WebAction-tree-open diagram 2-icon.png Open diagram
  • WebAction-tree-open tree table-icon.png Open view
  • WebAction-tree-open genome browser-icon.png Open track
  • WebAction-tree-open sequence-icon.png Open sequence
  • WebAction-tree-open table-icon.png Open table
  • WebAction-tree-open text-icon.png Open text document
  • WebAction-tree-open optimization-icon.png Open optimization
  • WebAction-tree-open analysis-icon.png Open analysis
  • WebAction-tree-open script-icon.png Open script
  • WebAction-tree-open web-icon.png Open document
  • WebAction-tree-open image-icon.png Open image
  • WebAction-tree-open plot-icon.png Open plot
  • WebAction-tree-open structures-icon.png Open as table
  • WebAction-tree-download file-icon.png Download file
  • WebAction-tree-open chat-icon.png Start chat
  • WebAction-tree-open group chat-icon.png Group chat
  • WebAction-tree-open work-icon.png Edit work
  • WebAction-tree-expand-icon.png Expand/collapse
  • WebAction-tree-new element-icon.png New element
  • WebAction-tree-new script-icon.png New JS script
  • WebAction-tree-new r script-icon.png New R script
  • WebAction-tree-new workflow-icon.png New workflow
  • WebAction-tree-new diagram-icon.png New diagram
  • WebAction-tree-new work-icon.png New work
  • WebAction-tree-new folder-icon.png New folder
  • WebAction-tree-open new optimization-icon.png New optimization
  • WebAction-tree-view plot-icon.png View
  • WebAction-tree-import element-icon.png Import
  • WebAction-tree-export element-icon.png Export
  • WebAction-tree-save element as-icon.png Save a copy
  • WebAction-tree-save folder as-icon.png Copy folder
  • WebAction-tree-remove element-icon.png Remove
  • WebAction-tree-remove project-icon.png Remove project
  • WebAction-tree-find project-icon.png Find project

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