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Product is a subset of functionality provided by BioUML-based software (for example, BioUML server). Products are defined in BioStore in server configuration view by server administrator. Users or groups can be subscribed to products to obtain an access to this functionality. Server administrators are subscribed to all available products automatically. There are two types of products:

  • System products
  • Custom products

System products

System products have predefined names, which are recognized by BioUML itself to disable some functionality. If given system product is not defined in BioStore for the server, then the corresponding functionality is not available at all. Otherwise it will be available for product subscribers only.

The following system products are defined so far:

This product controls basic access to BioUML server. Users not subscribed to this product will have no access to the server at all.
This product allows data import capabilities. Users not subscribed to this product will be unable to import new data.
This product allows access to some experimental features which may be unstable. It's not recommended to subscribe ordinal users to this product.
This product allows to create and execute R scripts.

Custom products

Any other products defined by server administrator are called custom products. For these products you may define list of repository permissions, so product subscribers will have an access to given repository collections. This way you may control an access to some databases, etc. Please note that you may define repository permissions for system product as well.

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