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Lucene indexes are necessary for Lucene search to work. Indexes are created for each database separately in databases collection and stored inside luceneIndexes subfolder of database folder on the disk.


Indexes in BioUML workbench

In BioUML workbench indexes are created automatically when you try to search the corresponding database:

Lucene indexes creation workbench.png

An indexes creation window will appear prompting you on which indexes you want to create. Upon pressing Ok button indexes recreation procedure will start. It may time a lot of time depending on the database:

Lucene indexes creation workbench process.png

After it finishes you may use the search.

Indexes in BioUML server

Indexes on BioUML server can be created using administrative analysis Rebuild search indexes.

Recreating indexes after the database update

When you update the database indexes will become obsolete. The easiest way to update them is to terminate BioUML, remove luceneIndexes subfolder and recreate the indexes using the procedure above.

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