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A portfolio of discrete HumanSim® product modules includes simulations for learning, serious games and virtual worlds. HumanSim is a part of our Advanced Learning Technologies leveraging simulation and digital games-based learning paradigms.

HumanSim includes commercial physiology engine that enables realistic, real-time medical training. It outputs real-time clinically relevant data, such as heart rate, blood pressure (arterial and pulmonary) waveforms and a capnogram. The engine enables dynamic medical scenarios (as opposed to scripted) and provides an environment for on-the-spot medical decision making.

HumanSim engine includes cardiovascular and respiratory models, as well as gas exchange and drug transport models. The cardiovascular and respiratory models are extensions of the Enhanced Fukui-Smith model. The cardiovascular system is modeled with a series of fifteen compartments representing various organ systems, including the pulsatile power generation capabilities of both the right and left heart that drive the entire cardiovascular system.

The respiratory system is modeled by a series of six compartments that represent the various airway components, including the thoracic cavity pressure and elastic recoil of the chest wall that drive negative pressure ventilation (free breathing). The respiratory system is also capable of representing positive pressure ventilation (ventilated or forced breathing), by replacing the driving mechanism of negative pressure ventilation with an eight compartment model of a ventilator. This provides the required flexibility to represent the clinical environment of an operating room.

Developer - Research Associates, Inc. (ARA).

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