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BioUML web edition interface. General control panel is marked as (E).
BioUML workbench interface. General control panel is marked as (E).
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General control panel is the topmost bar showing a context-dependent set of icons for the available operations. It contains the following sections:

  • Main toolbar: list of action icons which can be applied to current document or the whole application.
  • User toolbar (BioUML web edition only): shortcuts to user favorite tree items. To create such shortcut simply drag the element from the repository pane to general control panel.
  • Project selector: drop-down list which allows you to select the current project.
  • Perspective selector: drop-down list which allows you to select the current perspective.

List of icons

The following icons may appear on the main toolbar in BioUML web edition depending on context:

  • WebAction-toolbar-logout-icon.png Log-out
  • WebAction-toolbar-home-icon.png Start page
  • WebAction-toolbar-toggle ui-icon.png Toggle UI mode
  • WebAction-toolbar-toggle repository-icon.png Toggle repository
  • WebAction-toolbar-account info-icon.png Account info
  • WebAction-toolbar-project properties-icon.png Project properties
  • WebAction-toolbar-help-icon.png Help

  • WebAction-toolbar-save document-icon.png Save document
  • WebAction-toolbar-save document as-icon.png Save a copy
  • WebAction-toolbar-revert-icon.png Revert to saved
  • WebAction-toolbar-export-icon.png Export
  • WebAction-toolbar-import document-icon.png Import file

  • WebAction-toolbar-undo in-icon.png Undo in
  • WebAction-toolbar-redo in-icon.png Redo in

  • WebAction-toolbar-zoom out-icon.png Zoom out
  • WebAction-toolbar-zoom in-icon.png Zoom in
  • WebAction-toolbar-run script-icon.png Run script
  • WebAction-toolbar-generate script-icon.png Generate script

  • WebAction-toolbar-set auto layout-icon.png Set auto layout
  • WebAction-toolbar-clear auto layout-icon.png Clear auto layout
  • WebAction-toolbar-edit view options-icon.png View options

  • WebAction-toolbar-semantic zoom out-icon.png Semantic zoom out
  • WebAction-toolbar-semantic zoom in-icon.png Semantic zoom in

  • WebAction-toolbar-semantic overview-icon.png Overview
  • WebAction-toolbar-semantic default-icon.png Default
  • WebAction-toolbar-semantic detailed-icon.png Detailed

  • WebAction-toolbar-page-backward-icon.png Page backward
  • WebAction-toolbar-page-forward-icon.png Page forward

  • WebAction-toolbar-open-as-track-icon.png Open as track

Additionally dynamic actions can appear depending on context.

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