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While working on a project in BioUML the user can communicate with one or several other members of their group by means of exchanging messages. The available options include:

  • private chat with an individual user,
  • group chat,
  • editors' group chat.

Private chat

To send a message to a user:

  1. select the Users tab in the repository pane. Here all users from the groups accessible to you are shown. If the user is online, their status is indicated as a green flower before the user's name, otherwise the status is shown in red.
  2. double-click on a certain user name to open the chat window, which consists of a conversation window (output part) and a text entry box (input field), typical for any messaging client. At the top of the window you can see your partner's username and status.
  3. type your message in the text entry box and press Enter or the Send button - if your partner is online, they will receive an immediate notification. Message notifications will normally appear in the bottom right corner of the browser window (the viewparts area). Clicking on the notification will open the corresponding chat window.

Each message in the conversation carries the username and the time it was entered.

With large messages or lengthy conversations you can resize the window as necessary.

Note that currently the BioUML messaging module does not support tabbing, file transfer, offline messaging, or saving a conversation for later reference.

Group chat

This page or section is under construction right now.

Editor's group chat

This page or section is under construction right now.
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