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Like new writing environments BioUML provides collaborative editing functionality with revision control, and synchronous (real-time) editing. A diagram can be accessed and modified simultaneously by several group members working on a project. Every single change is instantly reflected on the screens of the users viewing the diagram.

While working on a single model, users collaborate in several ways. Not only can they introduce changes to the model and immediately see which changes have been introduced by other participants, but also chat to each other and discuss parts of the model pointing at them. A novice participant can ask another, more experienced colleague to build some difficult part and learn how to do it by watching. Alternatively, a user can check another participant's work, correcting as necessary. All of these functions can be achieved in BioUML while editing simulatable models, pathways, workflows and some other.

To start collaborative editing with other users you just need to open the same diagram that has been earlier shared with/by you. You can point at a diagram element by clicking on it - the selection will be visible to other editors. The other editors' actions, such as selections, adding or removing diagram elements, are also instantly visible on your screen. For better convenience a separate chat room is available only for the editors. The names of all the users participating in editing the diagram are shown at the top of the chat pane.

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