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Building repositories of computational models of biological systems ensures that published models are available for both education and further research, and can provide a source of smaller, previously verified models to integrate into a larger model [1].

Repository, URL, references Number of models, format Brief description
CellML model repository [2]



The CellML Model Repository provides free access to 500+ biological models. The vast majority of these models are derived from published, peer-reviewed papers. Model curation is an important and ongoing process to ensure the CellML model is able to accurately reproduce the published results.

Physiome Repository [3]


CellML, FieldML

The Auckland Physiome Repository provides extensive support for CellML model and related files. Previously it was called the CellML Model Repository, this has since been merged completely along with the FieldML Model Repository into the unified repository. The underlying software is PMR2, which in turn relies on the distributed version control system Mercurial (Hg), which allows the repository to maintain a complete history of all changes made to every file it contains.


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